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Hosted by the London Business School Healthcare Club, with sponsorship from Novartis Venture Fund  and the support of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Private Capital, this annual competition offers mentorship, training, networking opportunities, and £10,000 of total prizes to the winning teams.

Freya Svedberg-Keating..png

Dr. Freya Svedberg-Keating
HTC Team Lead

Pham Viet Hung.jpg

Pham Viet Hung
HTC Team

Zeenat Parkar.jpg

Zeenat Parkar
HTC Team

Kota Chisuwa.jpg

Kota Chisuwa
HTC Team

Markella Al-Saifi.jpg

Markella Al-Saifi
HTC Team

Daniela Zanetti.jpg

Daniella Zanetti
HTC Team


Our Team

The 2023 HTC team is a mix of healthcare, business and innovation enthusiasts. Learn more about who they are they and what is driving them towards the healthcare industry here 

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