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Copy of HTC23_FlowSurg

FlowSurg is a transformative application engineered to optimise operating department efficiency, with end-to-end visibility of the surgical patient journey for clinical and senior management teams. Born from extensive stakeholder research across London Hospitals, it addresses three crucial issues: insufficient patient flow visibility, delayed communication, and uncoordinated task management.

The vision

With the application, FlowSurg aims to revolutionise the surgical patient pathway, making it more streamlined, efficient, and transparent. FlowSurg hopes to facilitate smoother patient transitions, enhance team collaboration, and proactively address bottlenecks. In doing so, its vision is to drastically reduce surgical delays and cancellations, enhance patient outcomes and satisfaction, and mitigate stress for clinical teams. Moreover, by delivering continuous, actionable data insights, FlowSurg aims to empower healthcare institutions to make informed decisions, optimise resource allocation, and improve their overall performance. Ultimately, FlowSurg strives to create an environment where quality patient care and operational efficiency coexist seamlessly.

The technology

The innovation facilitates real-time patient tracking across multiple surgical departments, facilitates real-time communication, and offers oversight of time-critical tasks. FlowSurg aims to shift the surgical department’s mindset from reactive to proactive efficiency management, utilising continuous data collection and analysis to drive actionable insights through Clinical, Operational, and Financial KPIs.

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