The HealthTech Challenge is a business idea competition created to help students turn their health tech ideas into reality. Hosted by the Healthcare Club and the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at London Business School, this annual competition offers mentorship, training, and a £10,000 prize to the winning team.

How does it work?

Each team will need to register and prepare a short PowerPoint presentation (no more than 6 slides) outlining their business idea and a 2 minute video ‘elevator pitch’.  Short-listed teams will then be given the opportunity to work with experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds including health innovation, entrepreneurship or PE/VC to refine their idea and pitch. These teams will be working towards the final round which will be hosted at London Business School on May 25th-26th. The winning team will receive a prize of £10,000 and all the finalist will benefit from 3 months of additional mentorship. Applications will open on January 25th.

Make sure you read the Guidelines of the competition.

Who can participate?

The challenge is open to everyone, although each team must have at least one post-graduate student or researcher who is affiliated with an academic institution. We strongly encourage forming teams with a mix of technical and business expertise to give your idea the best chance of success.

What are the judging criteria?

The judges will look for a proposal which meets four broad criteria: scientific/technical feasibility, high impact, execution plan feasibility, and team strength. Make sure you tell us why your idea will be successful in improving healthcare outcomes, who you will be helping, how you are going to do it, and how £10,000 will help make your vision a reality. A detailed business plan is not required, but a high level plan with next steps is essential.

Judging criteria.PNG