Our Team


Dr. Sarah Qian

Team Lead

Sarah is a medical doctor specialising in endocrinology and diabetes and has 8 years’ experience in both the Australian and UK public sector. She is excited about the role of healthtech in changing models of delivery and improving healthcare access.
Sarah is interested in healthtech investing and in helping start-ups with product development and strategy.


Dr. Borja Ruiz

HTC Team

Borja is a medical doctor specialized in cardiology. As a cardiologist, he gained experience in the interventional field, where he developed interest for medical devices and healthtech.
Borja is excited to make a broader impact in the healthcare area by helping new ideas come true.


Federico Brath

HTC Team

Federico is a former strategy consultant with 2.5 years of experience in healthcare, growth equity, and digital transformation. Most recently, he helped a pharmaceutical company develop a global growth strategy for one of its business units and set up partnerships with 2 UK healthtech startups.
Federico is excited about healthtech investing, and particularly interested in developments in the mental health tech and longevity spaces


Abhishek Pandey

HTC Team

Abhishek is a former management consultant with 6 years of experience in healthcare consulting. Abhishek was most recently working in the bay area with some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies, while working on strategic projects related with their commercial and medical teams.
Abhishek is excited about the transformative change happening in current healthcare landscape with the increasing adoption of tech. Abhishek is interested in investing and deep tech healthtech start-ups.  


Shruti Shivnani

HTC Team

Shruti is a former management consultant with 5 years of experience in healthcare and pharma consulting. Working in India, Shruti focused on launch strategy projects for pipeline products for a major UK-based pharmaceutical firm.
Shruti is excited about the evolving healthcare landscape and the emergence of healthtech, especially in the UK


Dr. Iris Good

HTC Chair

Chairman & MD of Good Relations India, an award-winning Indo-British Market Entry & Positioning consultancy with pan-India offices. Iris has been involved in entrepreneurship, technology innovation and commercialization for over 25 years and in market entry to India for two decades. Her company has handled clients like Apple, Bloomberg, Cartier, CNBC, Marks & Spencer and the UN. Iris has a PhD in Biochemistry from the Weizmann Institute of Science and two post docs in molecular biology and brain research. She is an experienced NED, a mentor at London Business School and member of Investment Committee at Cambridge Enterprise Seed Fund.


Jeff Skinner

HTC Advisor

Jeff Skinner is Executive Director of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Private Capital at LBS. He teaches on several entrepreneurship courses at the School and leads many co-curricular activities supported by IEPC, including all competitions, the London Entrepreneurship Review and the TELL Series.

Prior to joining LBS, Jeff was commercial director at University College London (UCL), where he built its Technology Transfer division – including the creation of two seed-funds and new units for consultancy, industry engagement and spin-out creation. He co-founded more than 30 technology-based spin outs that collectively raised more than £30 million in first round capital.
Jeff remains deeply involved in technology commercialisation. He chairs the Review Committee of the Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals and is past president of the leading UK and European Technology Transfer Associations (PraxisUnico and ASTP Proton). He is author of the Leadership Foundation’s publication Commercialisation Skills for Academics and Researchers and has written more than 20 teaching case studies. Jeff has also spoken at TEDx.
Before joining academia, Jeff led technology commercialisation at Hoechst Celanese Photonics in New Jersey and was previously photonics research manager at General Electric. His first degree was in physics and he holds a PhD in thin film photonics from UCL and a MBA from LBS.

Our Partners


The Institute’s mission is to have a profound impact on the way the world does business, and the way business impacts the world, by inspiring innovators and entrepreneurs and equipping them with the expertise and insight to drive growth. They also help organisations and businesses leaders by developing talented people and creating a global knowledge community. Their work focuses on the four pillars of research and activity, viz, developing brave new workplace, redesigning services, transforming lives through entrepreneurship and through enriching the entrepreneur’s journey.


The Healthcare Club is a student organisation that aims to promote all aspects of the healthcare sector, including digital health, the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, medical devices, and healthcare provision. With over 1500 student, alumni & faculty members, the club is one of the most active professional societies on campus. Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds including entrepreneurship, industry, consulting, banking, venture capital & private equity. The Club's objectives are to create Educational, Networking, and Recruitment opportunities for its members, and to promote London Business School as a hub for healthcare.

Illumina logo.png

Illumina, Inc. is the global leader in genomics, an industry positioned between biology and technology that enables the reading and understanding of genetic variations. Specifically, Illumina develops, produces, and sells integrated devices and services for genome sequencing.

The company helped in creating the first map of gene variations associated with health, diseases, and drug responses. As part of its extraordinary development effort, Illumina gave a substantial contribution in reducing the costs of human genome sequencing bringing it to approximately $1,000 (2014) from an initial cost of $ 1,000,000 (2007).