previous years

2017- Opendiagnostics

OpenDiagnostics is a Cambridge based social enterprise, developing low cost paper-based diagnostics for the detection of crop and livestock viral infections across the developing world. The “programmable” platform technology is based on developments in the field of cell-free synthetic biology. 

Co-Founders Laura Mitchell and Raghd Rostom are currently carrying out PhDs at the University of Cambridge. Laura is researching protein bioinformatics, and previously completed a BSc in Biochemistry with a year in industry at the biopharmaceutical company MedImmune. Raghd’s research focuses on the genetics of the human response to viral infections, prior to which she studied Natural Sciences. Both are passionate about translating biotechnologies for the benefit of global health. 



2016- innersight

We had 5 incredible finalists from across the United Kingdom and Europe. On May 27st our finalists met at London Business School and pitched their ideas to a full house and a panel of judges from the academic, business, and venture capital communities. 

Innersight is an innovative start-up creating a 3D Visualization Technology for Medical Imaging. 


HTC 2016 - INNERSIGHT - Final Presentation


2015- GripSence

We had 25 incredible submissions from across the United Kingdom and Europe. From this strong pool 5 finalists were chosen to compete in the HealthTech Challenge Finals on June 1st:

GripSense is an innovative startup creating a new orthosis that continually monitors, supports, and encourages progress in rehabilitative exercise.