Meet the finalists

The London HealthTech Challenge team is delighted to announce the selected teams for London Health Tech Challenge 2017 final! 

The competition this year was incredible, and we focus on the proposal that stood out among some extremely high quality candidates.

Thank you for all the participants teams. Congratulations for the finalists!

Lister Logo.png


Lister is our super smart surgical scheduling platform. 

For our patients, Lister takes the anxiety out of surgery. Our app keeps patients and their family fully informed and up to date throughout their journey.

For our colleagues, Lister helps keep everyone connected. Our integrated dashboard and mobile app will communicate ward and theatre progress to ensure stress-free management 

For our hospitals, Lister increases efficiency. Our platform use AI to aid efficient theatre booking as well as automatically assigning the correct cost codes

About our Team: 

Ryan Kerstein                                                                                             Namrata Rastogi
MBBS BSc (Hons) MRCS PGCert                                                         MBBS BSc DRCOG DFSRH DOHNS MRCGP
CEO                                                                                                          COO

Nadine Haram                                                                                           Ali Abdaal
MBBS BSc (Hons) MRCS                                                                       CTO/UX
CSO                                                                                                          Current Cambridge Undergraduate
Current UCL MD


MENTOR: Ingrid Marchal Gérez 
SC transparent.png

Surgical Consent

Surgical Consent is an electronic consent platform to enhance shared decision making with patients, reduce errors, & enable trusts to go paperless.

98% of us will undergo an operation at some point, and decisions at these points in our lives are often critical. As Surgeons, we know that patients are frequently not fully informed about their treatment options, and as a result, poor decisions can be made.

With a mandate to go paperless by 2020, and a rapidly increasing medical negligence bill, currently standing at £1.2bn per year, Surgical Consent offers a solution for patients, doctors, and hospitals.

About our Team: 

Mr Dafydd Loughran                                                                                    Mr Edward St John
Surgeon & Clinical Leadership Fellow                                                     Research Fellow Imperial College
                                                                                                                       NHS Clinical Entrepreneur

Miss George Sheldrake                                                                                Mr Martyn Loughran,
Strategy, User Experience, & Design                                                       Technical Architect


MENTOR:  Chris Meier


Open diagnostics

OpenDiagnostics is a Cambridge based social enterprise, developing a low cost ‘programmable’ paper-based diagnostic platform technology for the detection of crop and livestock viral infections across the developing world.

The technology is based on developments in the field of ‘cell-free’ synthetic biology, and has already been validated for the detection of Zika and Ebola viruses.

About our Team: 

Laura Mitchell                                                                                    Raghd Rostom
Crop Diagnostics Lead                                                                    Livestock Diagnostics Lead
Department of Chemistry                                                              Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
University of Cambridge                                                                University of Cambridge

Simon Wiegrebe                                                                                 Chun Man Chow
Financial Lead                                                                                  Technical Lead
Department of Economics                                                             Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
University of Cambridge                                                                University of Cambridge

Emily Groves
Communications Lead
Department of Medicine
University of Cambridge                 


MENTOR:  Gabriele Dini


BASE port

The future of healthcare depends on data.  Medical data is growing exponentially since the application of genome sequencing and wearable technologies. 

BasePort aims to develop low-cost, highly tuned systems for healthcare centres to manage massive data volumes.  The systems are designed for hospitals to efficiently scale their data analysis and management needs, while maintaining secure and robust operations for long-terms storage.  

About our Team: 

Dr. Bhupinder Bhullar                                                                                Doug Fortune
Managing Director, BSc. (biochemistry)                                                 Chief Technology Officer
PhD (molecular oncology)                                                                        BSc. Engineering
Current LBS student (EMBA 2017)                                                           

Alexis Marz                                                                                                    Dr Shanaka Thilak
Head of Operations                                                                               Business Development
BSc (Chemical Engineering)                                                                     BSc (Hons)
MSc (Engineering)                                                                                     PhD (Genetics)
MBALondon Business School alum (2016)                                            MBA London Business School alum (2016)


MENTOR:  Tam McDonald



Screenotherm is a thermographic medical screening device which can be used to early diagnose such diseases like tuberculosis, pneumonia and mammal cancer. The device is portable and can be widely used in remote locations without access to conventional diagnostic imaging equipment. Screenotherm is easy to work with and cheap to produce.

About our Team: 

Dr Svyatoslav Kechyn                                                                             Edward Tan
MRes,                                                                                                         PHD candidate at the department of Engineering, University of Cambridge
MBA candidate at Cambridge Judge Business School                        Fabrication engineer.
Team lead
Medical director                                                      

Pelumy Oluwasanya                                                                                             
PHD candidate at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge
Software developer.


MENTOR:  Jeff Skinner