For 2015 we had 25 incredible submissions from across the United Kingdom and Europe. From this strong pool 5 finalists were chosen to compete in the HealthTech Challenge Finals on June 1st:

GripSense - A smart orthosis that continually monitors, supports, and encourages progress in rehabilitative exercise in post stoke patients.

GuideGlass - An assistive wearable technology to direct and inform visually impaired users about the distribution of obstacles through sound.

Hospitoons - A web-based platform for customized, well-researched cartoon animation series based on medical procedures to educate kids on what and who to expect for their individual treatment from a point of view that THEY understand.

Metix Limited  - The first handheld and wearable vital signs monitor for clinician and paramedic use.

mHolter  - T-shirt made of smart material which incorporates skin leads to detect electrical signals from cardiac activity and provide cardiac monitoring through a connected mobile platform.

After an intense evening of pitches and product demos, GripSense was selected by our panel of judges as the winner of the 2015 London HealthTech Challenge and the £10,000 Dhruv Batra prize!

Many congratulations to all of our contestants, their hard work and bold vision will surely help change the future of healthcare!