Meet Teams

Learn about the teams participating in the 2017 HealthTech Challenge. Click on their profile, learn about their project, and send them an email if you see something you like!


  • Lister Healthcare: "Lister Care has been founded by a group of 3 doctors and a medical student. We share a desire to improve patient experience and hospital efficiency through simple technology.Ryan is a Plastic Surgery Registrar with extensive medtech start-up experience"
  1. Ali Abdaal (Cambridge University/ Lister Care)
  2. Ryan Kerstein (Oxford Deanery)
  3. Nadin Hachach Haram (London Deanery)
  4. Namratata Rastogi (Park Road Surgery)


  • WeC@are4: " We have over 15 years’ experience in healthcare, technology, sales, marketing, finance, operations, engineering and project management. Among us, there is a strong entrepreneurial sprit, a drive to disrupt the healthcare industry as well as to produce solutions"
  1. Frederico Velosa (The University of Manchester)
  2. Matthew Sturdy (The University of Manchester)
  3. Sophie Wilkinson (The University of Manchester)
  4. Antonia Guerramba (The University of Manchester)


  • Eatrics: "At Eatrics, we strive to increase the acceptance of solid organ transplants by modifying the microbiota through personalised dietary interventions. We combine expertise in organ transplantation, next-generation sequencing, machine learning and personalise."
    1. Ian Thomas (Eatrics)
    2. Miguel Garcia Ortegon (Eatrics)
    3. Reza Motallebzadeh (University of Cambridge)
    4. Abdulshakur Abdullah (Eatrics)


  • OpenUp: "OpenUp is a digital platform that addresses the difficulty faced by healthcare innovators in accessing patients and clinicians. Openup seeks to revolutionise the medical research sector, by providing real-time patient and clinician-centred solutions."
    1. Aidan Davies (NHS)
    2. Abdifatah Mohamud (NHS)
    3. Samio Mohamud (Brunel University)


  • Two Left Feet: "We are a team of two: a medical doctor working for an NHS hospital in London and a lawyer working in a healthcare industry. We are passionate about bringing digital to health care and allowing patients to take control of their treatment."
    1. Anastasia Caleiras (London Business School/GE Healthcare )
    2. Johann Grundlingh (London Business School/NHS)


  • Base Port: "Our team comprises a current LBS EMBA student and two LBS EMBA alumni from the class of 2016. We all come for a scientific background and have a range of experiences spanning research, development, commercial, finance."
    1. Shanaka Thilak (EY LLP)
    2. Bhupinder Bhullar (London Business School)
    3. Alexis Marz (MMP Tax)


  • Patient LED: "The Patient LED team comprises two Urological Surgeons, one of whom is currently undertaking an MBA at London Business School while the other practices at Ashford and St Peter's Hospital. They both share a vision for improving healthcare. "
    1. Philip James (Ashford & St Peters Hospital NHS Trust)
    2. Nicholas Drinnan (London Business School)