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  • Kartik Patel
  • Nik  Haliasos (NHS): " I am a neurosurgeon neuroscientist interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning. I hope to be able to use these technologies to solve real value healthcare problems." 
  • Eiman Kanjo (Nottingham Trent University): " I am an academic interested in mobile sensing and data science solutions for behaviour change and wellbeing including the outdoor environment on health, mental health intervention and modelling. I could support a team with a wide range of a skills." 
  • Richard Hill (Chiraldt Ltd): " Accountable, entrepreneurial, nailed-down results-focussed expert of many years gaining market access for medicines and other health outcomes enablers." 
  • Shamem Ahmed (Chiraldt Ltd): " Founder and owner of Gideanet. Gideanet run online health related websites such as and" 
  • Namrata Turaga (Royal College of General Practitioners): " MD/MBA working as a doctor and for a venture capital firm - Love digital health innovation!."
  • Leonie Woodfinden (London Business School): " I am an enthusiastic and hard working MBA candidate. Having worked as a clinical pharmacist for the NHS in central London hospitals for 6 years prior to starting my MBA, and with a Masters of Pharmacy undergraduate honours degree." 
  • Yash Todar (University College London): "  I think of ways to create and invent newer concepts which might help just me or the world! I believe in understanding people, the nature and how we interact with each other. Currently pursuing a double masters in Human Computer Interaction and Design."